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Our New York City landscaping clients

NYC Building Owners & Managing Agents

Upgrading the outside condition of your buildings aswell as adding a tenant rooftop garden, both, improve the value of the property and enhances the rental value.

Marketing & General Managers

Improvements to the building front will sensibly raise (...another word instead of 'raise') your clients estimation at the first impression. Whether selling a co-op, condo or hotel accomodations, we can help you market your properties.

Architects & Engineers

Consultation with respect to roof weight tolerances, as well as roofing construction and materials that are specific to supporting roof top gardens and terraces.

Interior Designers

We cooperate with you and your client to achieve a harmonic continuation of your design in the habitat���s outside space.

Home Owners & Renters

Let us help you create your perfect outside space or renovate an existing one.