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Links for New York City Gardeners

NYC gardens & parks

New York's local parks and botanic gardens are an inexhaustible source of inspiration at any time of the year:





Central Park, New York
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
New York Botanic Garden
Wave Hill, the Bronx
9th Street & Avenue C Community Garden
Gardens, Kennett
Planting Fields Arboretum, Long Island

Gardening tips and tricks, helpfull and informative webs

Other peoples' experiences can help you avoid mistakes and anticipate problems:

P. Allen Smith offers helpful gardening tips: Articles on environmental green design and proper rooftop construction that support gardens:

Rare New York Orchid

Recommended garden suppliers

First class materials and plants are crucial if you want to enjoy your plants for many years:


Seeds from Italy
Native plants
Large variety of greens and vegetables
Greens and Asian vegetables
Unusual plants and rare cedars
Rare and unusual shade plants